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Late to the Movies - The Ring Two [Sep. 7th, 2005|04:12 pm]
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[Current Music |The Edge - Eiffel 65]


Well, what can I say about the sequel to what I thought was a creepy movie in the first place? This unrated DVD ran long, and included a short film bridging the two movies to help you believe the sequel. All in all, I liked it. Even the bad CG deer in their spooky -yet silly at the same time- cameo.

The story is so simple, which I liked. The seeking range of this demon-ish ghost from the first film is unleashed via copied videotapes, eventually finding Rachel and her weird son, Aiden in Astoria, Oregon. The ghost, Samara, wants Rachel's sons body in a bad way. Creepiness and more backstory of the ghost of Samara are revealed. I won't reveal much here but I will say I got a general feeling of "Am I going to have nightmares if I watch this movie too late at night?". The answer is, I came close.

The short film "Rings", included on the DVD allows you to not have to have seen the original movie, because you are given an interesting premise to begin the sequel with: An underground culture is created by the videotape from the first film. In a Ouija board-style fashion, kids play with something they don't understand, spreading Samara's reach as she seeks out Rachel and Aiden in hiding. Leading you to into The Ring Two seeing Samara didn't find them by some freak occurence.

3 Royal Crowns. Very good! Considering it's a thriller-movie sequel. Those deer though. Dinosaurs in Jurassic Park look more real.

What sucks is, I had to take the garbage and recycling down a long dark driveway at 10:00PM, after watching the shortfilm and the movie. Not Fun.